Hahns Peak 2 - Rustic Boot /Glove Dryer


Hahns Peak 2 - Rustic Boot /Glove Dryer


A boot dryer fit for all boots.

Hahns Peak is a prominent summit near Steamboat Springs CO. It can easily be mistaken for a volcano with it's barren, cone peak. Like its namesake, the Hahns Peak boot dryer will be a stunning attraction in your mudroom. 

The dryer is crafted from sustainably-harvested aspen. Simply press the button on front, and the quiet fan will circulate air through your boots for 10 hours, ensuring dry liners and preventing stinky bacteria. Press the button again to turn it off, or wait for the internal timer to shut it off on its own. The boot drier also works well with hiking boots, wet running sneakers, muddy gloves, or a pair of nearly anything.

Ships via USPS. 

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Specs and Sizing

2 boot -  12" X 16"
4 boot -  7" X 32"


Aspen, walnut, and steel will dry your boots in style.
Automatic timer will go overnight, or shut it off when you are done.
Power chord unplugs from the back of the unit.
Unit disassembles for easy storage.
Handcrafted in the USA. 

Construction and Materials

Aspen, figured walnut, and steel.
Quiet fan. 


Assembling the Hahns Peak boot dryer.

All you need to do to get drying is plug in the power chord and push in the steel dryer tubes. Run time is 10 hrs, or until you turn off. Quick, easy, RADically organized.